About Us

General Information About Our Company

He immigrated from Kabaklar village of Kardzhali town of Bulgaria in 1972 and came to this day with meerschaum management in 1974 in Eskişehir and continues.

Manufacturing continues under Büyük Otel, and besides manufacturing, it is possible to see and find products specific to our city in the intercity terminal by doing wholesale.

Also, let me provide information about the raw material conditions to those concerned. We supply it from 4-5 villages in the north east of Eskişehir. Since the reserves of meerschaum could not be determined, a healthy structure could not be formed. Everyone dealing with meerschaum business is busy producing in their own right. Since quarry operators cannot consistently obtain stone for raw material supply, many quarry operators have to enter the diol.



To change the usual course of production and sales of souvenirs from meerschaum and to meet our customers with different concepts.


To produce quality, aesthetic, visual, useful and healthy products worldwide, to spread this culture of our city to the whole universe.

Our Values

To provide a customer-oriented service approach, to provide the best products and services, to work in a planned, efficient, disciplined and passionate manner

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