Frequently Asked Questions

Some Information You Should Know

It is nicotine absorption, so it is mostly used in making Pipes and Mouthpieces.
It turns yellow because it absorbs nicotine, and if it turns yellow, it is cleaned with cologne cotton.
Meerschaum is fire resistant and light, it is a stone that softens in water and dries up again when we leave it to normal.
Since our stone is soft and light, it is impossible to cut a rope.
As we said before, it is a hard stone to break because it is light and soft.
The polishing wax on the meerschaum is a preservative that we appeal to, and it makes the stone look richer and prolongs its life
Meerschaum comes out of the quarry, is cleaned, and after it becomes suitable for processing, it is processed by hand by masters. One of the other values ​​of the stone is that it is handmade.
There will be no problem, even when using it, it definitely does not make any weight for women, such as earrings, necklaces, etc.
Yes, it is smoked anyway, it is more preferred because it is resistant to stone fire and absorbs nicotine, and there are special flavored pipe tobaccos that are smoked with them.